Laboratory Project Delivery Needs Improvement and We Want to Lead The Change.

Why did two premium laboratory furniture manufacturers decide to combine resources with five dealer distributors? The answer is simple: we weren’t satisfied with the status quo of lab construction. That’s why we created the Tier One Lab Environments strategic alliance. Each member wanted to align itself with partner organizations with strong industry relationships, the same values, and products or services that complement one another.

Individually, each of our alliance members are industry leaders in their own right, but together, we have something no one else does. By combining our design capabilities with our product selections and construction services, we plan to raise the bar on the construction industry’s expectations of division 11 and 12 installations. Together, we’ve streamlined the process and branded our approach… Tier One Lab Environments. Here’s our action plan to deliver this “experience”.

4 Ways Tier One is Going to Lead the Change

  1. Premium Lab Products: It’s a constant challenge to be heard in an industry that often values low cost over product quality. We don’t think you should have to choose between quality and cost. Let the Tier One furniture manufacturers Bedcolab and CiF Lab Solutions illustrate how their premium lab furniture can add value to the life cycle of your laboratory. They provide flexibility, durability, low maintenance, sustainability, and beauty, all while staying within your budget.
  2. Intentional Early Involvement: Laboratories are often complex. Design doesn’t have to be. In order to support our customers, Tier One dealerships offer a full range of innovative design and engineering assistance, beginning with basic AutoCAD support all the way through Virtual Design Coordination; our team members can play a leading role in a project’s success. During the critical, early phases of your lab project, we can assist with programming, help with specification language, and provide 3D renderings and walkthroughs to show you your space before it’s built. In the process through clash detection and BIM modeling, we help to identify unforeseen interferences and construction-related problems before they pop up, reducing project delays and costly changes down the road.
  3. Proactive Communication: Timely and direct conversations make effective communication even better. Tier One dealers and manufacturers are committed to proactive communication, working with the team to resolve problems early while there are still options. Participation in weekly meetings, scheduling reviews and push/pull planning will be a focus of both dealer and manufacturer.
  4. Highly Skilled Installation Teams: A multitude of moving parts can affect site coordination and conditions,  resulting in compressed durations; having knowledgeable, dedicated people in the field is crucial. Tier One crews self-police our installations, pre-punching as we work in order to minimize the need for time-consuming punch list reviews as we near substantial completion. We understand the importance of teamwork and will do our best to contribute to the overall success of the site. We do our part to help ensure turn over to the owner by the project’s established deadline.

The Result

The Tier One North American dealer network consists of Alliance Scientific, Dow Diversified, Haldeman Homme, Northeast Interior Systems, and Stonecreek Interior Systems. No matter what territory your project is in or which dealer partner is managing and installing your laboratory’s furniture and equipment package, you can trust that we are committed to the success of your projects. We all know every project has its challenges, but our Tier One mission is to provide premium laboratory products, be involved early on, be proactive communicators, and provide top-notch installations. The result is a Tier One Experience that will become the new expectation within the industry.

About the Author

John Shultz
John Shultz
John has been involved since the inception of the Tier One Lab Environments strategic alliance. He has over 18 years of industry experience, and is responsible for CiF’s sales and marketing efforts in addition to his role of president at NEIS and SIS. John is wholly devoted to his family, which includes his wife, their 3 adult children and 2 golden retrievers; and his beloved NY Yankees!


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