• Dealer

    Northeast Interior Systems, Inc.

  • Manufacturer

    CiF Lab Solutions

  • Location

    Framingham, MA

  • Architect


  • Lab Planner


  • General Contractor

    Barr & Barr

Framingham State University increased the size of Hemenway Hall by adjoining a new four-story addition, totaling 58,000 sq. ft. to their existing science facility.

The addition houses 16 teaching laboratories, including related prep, supply and research spaces for the Departments of Organic, Inoragnic, Analyitical and Physical Chemistry.  NEIS installed 49 fume hoods equipped with significant energy saving filtration technology, reducing initial mechanical systems and ongoing operational costs for the University.

CiF Lab Solutions’ Products: 

  • E-Line Wood Casework
  • Tech Center Flexible Tables
  • Energy Saving Fume Hoods

As a result of the previous success on the Framingham State University project, Barr & Barr could not be happier to partner with NEIS again on another signature project of ours… the Amherst College New Science Center.

Matt Jacobs, Project Manager - Barr & Barr